New Line Genealogy, LLC

Your Family Story Book Project

Create your personalized family reference book filled with all the facts, photos, and artifacts of your family tree, carefully crafted into a compelling family history narrative.  

The Steps

1. We verify your existing research and/or do the research for you.
This can involve anywhere from 40 hours of research and verification to many hundreds of hours, depending on how many generations
back and your focus area. Research is billed at our current hourly rate.

2. We scan existing photos, documents, and records into high resolution images to use in your book.
Scanning is billed at our current hourly rate.

3. The book writing begins.
We compile all of your research and scanned documents and write your family or family member’s story.

4. We edit and format the draft for publication.

5. You receive a digital PDF proof version for your approval.

6. We make corrections and final edits to the proof and prepare the manuscript for publication.

7. You receive a digital, print-ready book.

The Details

Smaller book writing estimates begin at $5,000 USD.  This might highlight one relative’s story or family event and contain minimal photos and documents.
Larger, multi-generational family histories can exceed thousands of project hours and include hundreds of pages of research, photos, documents, letters, and artifacts.

We handle all stages of the process — from research to book writing to a final digital, print-ready book.

Book printing costs are extra and dependent on which out-of-house publisher you choose. We can facilitate price estimates and are happy to work directly with a publisher if you wish.

Contact us to discuss your book project! 

Interested in these or other genealogical services?
Contact us at matt@newlinegenealogy or call/text 734-426-3886 for our current hourly rate, to discuss a cost estimate, OR for a book chapter sample.