Why Hire a Genealogist?

With the advent of such online services as Ancestry.com, many people with an interest in genealogy have begun researching their family trees themselves. At some point, most reach a research “dead end.”

Hiring a professional genealogist with years of specialized training and experience can help power you through those dead ends, sparing you frustration and time.

But even beyond that, a professional genealogist can help you plan for your future.


New Line Genealogy goes beyond surface level research by verifying and confirming what you may have already found through services like Ancestry.com. We take your family tree research to the next level by using additional resources such as probate documents, vital records, tax rolls, census records, historical books and newspapers, cemeteries, court proceedings and other often overlooked resources.
We identify gaps and resolve conflicts in data as we analyze your family history facts so you can feel confident in the integrity of your family tree research.

Preserve & Organize

New Line Genealogy will help you set up a digital and physical storage system for your genealogical pictures, objects and documents to ensure your family treasures last for generations into the future. We have developed an organizational system so effective, we have shared it with many of our professional genealogists, historians and colleagues.

Don’t neglect this important part of preserving your family story.

Create a Legacy

New Line Genealogy will create the ultimate family reference book or digital record filled with all  the facts and artifacts of your family tree, carefully crafted into a compelling family history narrative.

Share a beautiful tribute to the memories of your loved ones and tell their story into the future.

We work at an hourly rate with your schedule and budget in mind. Discuss your project needs with Matt at matt@newlinegenealogy.com. Visit our CONTACT page for more details.

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