What can New Line Genealogy do for you?

New Line Genealogy researches public records and historical documents to bring to life your family’s past, tracing your lineage back to another time and place. Sometimes we unearth facts that can be illuminating and even surprising.

  • I’m interested in my genealogy but can’t I do this myself?

Certainly with the advent of online services like Ancestry.com and others, many people who have an interest in genealogy have begun research themselves.

But many hit a point where they just don’t know how to navigate efficiently or reach a research “dead end.” Others find the entire “do it yourself” idea overwhelming.

  • We know where to look when the more obvious avenues have been exhausted.

New Line Genealogy has been in the genealogical research business for 30 years. We have been doing genealogical research since before online access of public records was even available. We are pros at digging through city township records and dusty boxes of baptismal records in church basements.

  • We can save you countless hours and avoid research “dead ends.”

We know the tricks to authenticating real facts from fiction and speculation. You can be confident in the accuracy of your research.

  • Resources. We know them well_where to look and how to get the documents you need.

Most importantly to us, though, is relationships. Many of our clients have been clients for years. Genealogical research often involves doing more research as families expand, or as they lose loved ones and families want to preserve their stories. We are happy to share in these milestones.

Sounds just like what I’m looking for. What next?

We do research and archival preservation based on an hourly rate. Contact Matt at matt@newlinegenealogy.com to get an estimate on the number of hours your project might take along with the hourly rate.

Do you dream of creating a lasting legacy in the form of a book or digital archive? Let’s dream together. New Line Genealogy has done both! Samples are available upon request.


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