I personally want to thank you for assisting our firm via your research. Your professional research shined from point A-Z in this matter. AGHS is a young genealogical research firm in its beginning years. Your detailed search allowed us to successfully locate the proper heirs, have them become clients & ultimately becoming a win-win for everyone. I would never hesitate to contact you again. Most respectfully, Craig Luty Former President American German Heir Search (AGHS)

Craig Luty

As a professional genealogist myself, it is important to have a colleague to turn to when a project requires additional help or experience. Matthew McCormack of New Line Genealogy, LLC, is that go-to person I turn to when experience, knowledge, intuition, and exceptional organization skills are needed. Matt is a gifted genealogist with an incredible work ethic for those difficult and demanding cases and his assistance has aided my work on more than one occasion. Billie Stone Fogarty, M. Ed. Oklahoma City
Billie Stone Fogarty

We were working on a corporate reorganization that involved aggregating shareholders in family groups. I thought I had a handle on it, but we had over 400 shareholders and it was not going smoothly. Regulation permitted us to look back six generations, but what an intricate web that created and time was running short! Fortunately, we heard about New Line Genealogy. One phone call and meeting with Matt McCormack and I knew we had found the right person. Matt worked his tail off to complete our project in a timely and entirely thorough manner. I am totally impressed and forever grateful to Matt McCormack and New Line Genealogy.
John K. Mann

I contacted Matt with the hopes of creating a history of my family to leave to my grandchildren. What Matt was able to do far exceeded my most optimistic expectations. He created a database going back six generations, employing both classic research methodology and the latest internet based technology. My grandchildren will someday be truly indebted to New Line Genealogy. It has been wonderful working with Matt over the last several years. I would strongly encourage others to ask Matt to help them discover their family history.
Kenneth M. Arenberg

We are so pleased with the professional and meticulous care New Line Genealogy took with our photos and documents in preparing the most amazing family history for us! Your research and attention to details is wonderful, and we love the results. Thank you for helping us “make sense” of our history. We have a gift we can share for generations. Your work was fabulous, and we will definitely be happy to recommend you to others. The Bevins family
Bevins Family

Many years ago I learned that my name, Bellefleur, was a French word but not a French name. While growing up I had heard a legend about the origination of my name in French Canada. I knew therefore that I did not know my real family name, and I wondered if the legend I had been told was true. New Line Genealogy L.L.C. was engaged to discover that original name and to verify the legend about the creation of the Bellefleur family name. The results were both satisfying and delightful!
John R. "Jack" Bellefleur

I have been extremely pleased with the work of New Line Genealogy, LLC. After reviewing the history of my mother’s family, I have engaged Matt to work on my father’s side of the family. The detail found in his work is better than any I have seen. I would definitely recommend his company for research.
Karen Moore Coy

I was incredibly impressed with Matt and his research. Coming from an obscure ethnic group being a Yooper, I didn’t have high hopes. Matt blew them out of the water. Not only did he trace my family back to Europe, but gave me a perspective I would have never had otherwise. I highly recommend Matt, you simply cannot go wrong with a genealogist of his caliber. Tony Yowell.
Tony Yowell

I have for years wanted to find out the history of my mother’s family. So for her 85th birthday my Sister and I chose New Line Genealogy for the project. I can only say that Matt McCormack is passionate, professional and as excited as you are when you discover your history. It has been nothing but a pleasure to work with Matt and I would recommend him to absolutely anyone wanting to know about who they are and where they came from. Jacqueline Schiller-Chelsea MI
Jacqueline Schiller

Matt McCormack takes a personal interest in his work. He digs deeply until he finds the answers our family was seeking. He has done work for my family over a number of years, updating as he finds new data and digging deeper into our history. Matt is passionate about getting the details right. He seems to have the sources to answer most every question we could have asked, sometimes before we even asked the question. He takes the initiative to do the job right and to do it thoroughly and that in my opinion is why you hire a genealogist. I would not think of using anyone else. John E. Swisher III Former Chairman Swisher Commercial Ann Arbor, Michigan

John E. Swisher III

I contracted Matthew McCormack, a professional genealogist, to help me with my family genealogy. He has been most accommodating – always communicating with me, and answering my questions, highlighting most interesting stories, and thoroughly searching the family lines. I am very pleased with the results of his work and highly recommend him to anyone wishing to trace his/her family tree.
Mariette Fletcher Potvin

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