New Line Genealogy, LLC


Need help? Schedule research time in 20 hour blocks.

Whether you need a little help or a lot, we will meet you where you are.  Perhaps you are just beginning your genealogy research or maybe you have a lot of information already —

We help you verify and confirm what you’ve found

We identify gaps and resolve conflicts in family history data so you can feel confident in the integrity of your family tree research.

We strive to take your family tree research to the next level by using less commonly known and often overlooked resources.

Preserve & Organize

Do you have artifacts — pictures, letters, and documents — you would like to preserve?
Schedule time with our organization experts in 20 hour blocks.

Our organizational system of digitally scanning and storing images is so effective, we have shared it with many professional genealogists, historians, and colleagues.

We scan your documents in a high resolution/high integrity format.

Then we organize your items in an easy-to-use digital format so you can share them with family and loved ones.
If you wish, you can then reprint them in paper or photo form.

We can also organize and preserve original documents and materials in archival files to make sure your precious items last over time.

Interested in these or other genealogical services? Contact us at matt@newlinegenealogy or call/text 734-426-3886 for our current hourly rate.