New Line Genealogy, LLC

Frameable Family Tree Chart

Display your research in a frameable family tree chart.

1. We verify your existing research and/or do the research for you.
This can involve anywhere from a few hours of research and verification to many hundreds of hours, depending on how many generations you wish.
Research is billed at our current hourly rate.

2. You decide how many generations you want to display and the size of wall chart you would like.
We can print charts up to 36 x 48 inches, depending on the number of generations you choose to print. We can advise you what looks best!

3. You receive a digital PDF proof version for your approval.

4. Once approved, we print the chart. The chart is printed on a frameable, medium-weight, acid-free paper.
We ship it to you ready for you to matte (if you wish) and frame!

5. Hang your new family tree wall chart and enjoy!

Costs vary depending on verification/research.  Printing costs begins at $149 USD + shipping.

Interested in these or other genealogical services? Contact us at matt@newlinegenealogy or call/text 734-426-3886 for our current hourly rate.