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About Us


Matthew McCormack is the owner and founder of New Line Genealogy, LLC since 2001. Genealogy expert and author, he is a life member of the Association for Professional Genealogists (APG) and a delegate for his local branch of the Michigan Genealogical Council. He is a member of the Collections Committee at the Besser Museum in Alpena, Michigan. Within his community and greater Michigan, Matt has served on the Planning Commission for the city of Dexter, Michigan and helped create a heritage (historic) overlay district to offer a layer of protection for many of the city’s historic structures. Matt has also served on the Arts, Culture, and Heritage Committee for the city of Dexter.

Matt’s Bachelor’s degree is from Eastern Michigan University, with a major in history and a minor in historic preservation. Since continuing education is essential to the field of genealogy, Matt participates in numerous local, regional, and national programs. He has life membership and professional affiliations with numerous genealogical councils and societies, focusing primarily on the Midwest and Northeast. Most recently, Matt along with wife, Betsy, have focused on writing family history books for clients. Together, they also wrote a guided journal series, Tell Me More About You….. The journals provide a daily fill-in-the blank prompt (365 total) which ranges from more serious questions about family members, education, profession, values and faith, to lighter questions about favorite music and tastes in food. The Tell Me More… books are available through Amazon or on the “shop” page.


Betsy Emrich McCormack has worked as an editor with New Line Genealogy LLC since 2018. Most recently, she has worked with the design and layout of client genealogical books and produced the family history wall charts. Her background as a former editor and artist has served her well in this role. Her degree is in music and graduate work is in music history.